Dear Dan,

Nowadays, trends of technology are so important for many people, for me technology is not so useful to my live. Everyone has the lastest technology, but it is something for which the dependent young of their cell, technology can cause obsesion.

First of all, advantage of keeping with technology trends can be that you can keep in touch with family that are in other countries, if you cannot go to visited them. Also, you can communicate with your friends in a faster way if you have something urgent to say them. Another advantage is that as students we can find information of any topic, but we can find dangerous information.

Second, there are different ways of keeping up with technology trend without spending money. A way to be communicate it is to buy a cell phone that it is not of the latest technology. However, people can send a letter to the person that he want to talk or maybe sending just a text message to the person you need to talk.

You should not feel bad if you do not have the latest technology, you can communicate with friends without buy modern cell phones. Your friends may understand that there different ways of comunication.


Lorena Moreno Navarro