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April 11, 2016

How to Find Jobs Using LinkedIn

A LinkedIn profile and a resume are similar in many ways, but they should be complementary rather than identical. One key difference between them is the fact that, as a site based on making connections, it’s okay—even encouraged—for you to write your LinkedIn profile in the first person. Your summary functions as an introduction, and the best summary is a compelling narrative that showcases both your most impressive accomplishments and your personality.

In order to put your best foot forward on LinkedIn, make sure your profile is filled out completely. This includes taking the time to add targeted keywords to your profile’s body, summary, and headline. You can also upload samples of your work to your profile. This can include pasting links, or uploading a variety of file types. Filling out the title and description of the sample gives you another opportunity to use keywords.
LinkedIn offers those hoping to find jobs a couple different ways to show their knowledge of their fields. As with many other social networking sites, LinkedIn users can post status updates. Job seekers can take advantage of this by posting their thoughts about news and events in their field, including links to relevant articles. One of the things recruiters look for when searching various social networking sites is how engaged a candidate is with their industry. Proving that you stay on top of the latest events in your field can enhance your profile in the eyes of recruiters.
If you’re among the 9.6 million Americans looking to find jobs, using LinkedIn effectively can boost your chances of success.

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