Cultral geograpy

brooke merrill

Explain how globalization relates to me?

It relates to me by knowing all of the global countries and different states all around the world and different ways of the world.

Sectionl -Analysis

Different parts of the world trade stuff to be equal. People today have technology to communicate.

A good thing: gets stuff at low cost. and can communicate to share different ideas

A bad thing: If you order online and the company messes it up the costumer wont be too happy.

Section 2 Application.

Ugg Boots made in Australia bear fur or bunny fur and rubber.


Killing animals out of their fun. Technology- If they didn't have the power of the machines that it wouldn't work. Cultural- not peoples style or too hot or snow is to deep. Economic- not enough money.


Don't use animals for fur use far fur or cotton something that will not hurt or kill any animal.
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Manufacture picture.

6 word story

Different world good trade happy people!