January 21, 2013

Wasn't the snow beautiful last week? Although it was definitely a delightful surprise, it did put a little wrinkle in our schedule. That, combined with Monday being a holiday, has made me adjust what we are going to tackle this week. In the end it actually works out for the best as we get to spend more time on things that need a little more work.

The snow also brings another important issue to mind...flu season. Please remind your students to wash their hands frequently, to not share personal items (ie: lip gloss, drinks, etc.) and to cover their mouth when sneezing and/or coughing. Any donations of hand sanitizer, kleenex and Clorox wipes would greatly be appreciated.

1st, 3rd and 5th Periods' Coursework

Thank you to everyone for promptly sending in your spiral notebooks. We will begin utilizing them this week as we begin get ready for the ARMT. I believe these notebooks are going to be a great tool in preparing for this test in May. I will also be adding websites to the blog in the coming weeks that will be helpful in reviewing for this test as well.

Monday 1/21/13 - Holiday

Tuesday 1/22/13 - ARMT review.

Wednesday 1/23/13 - ARMT review.

Thursday 1/24/13 - ARMT review.

Friday 1/25/13 - Begin labeling and identifying parts of an expression.

2nd and 4th Periods' Coursework

This week we will continue to work on solving addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of one-step equations. It is important that students completely understand this process before we start the next section and I feel we need a little more time to get there. The test covering this material originally set for January 20th has been rescheduled for Friday, January 31st. Please encourage your students to continue visiting the review websites below:

Monday 1/21/13 - Holiday

Tuesday 1/22/13 - Practice solving one-step equations. Solving word problems with one-step equations.

Wednesday 1/23/13 - Practice solving one-step equations. Solving word problems with one-step equations.

Thursday 1/24/13 - Practice solving one-step equations. Homework assignment.

Friday 1/25/13 - Notes on equations with fractions and decimals.

This Week in Math History

William Shanks was born January 25, 1812. Shanks is credited with the calculation of π to 707 places in 1873. Unfortunately, it was later discovered that is was only correct to the first 527 places. Click here to read more about William Shanks.


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