China's pollution and flooding

By: Eric revell and chase norris

Water pollution,Air pollution,and Flooding

Water pollution makes the water really nasty and not safe to drink which can cause you to become ill or die.Air pollution causes the air to be nasty and not safe to breath and can cause you to become sick or even die.flooding can wash away the top soil and can wash away homes and cars. They can even bring water Bourne illnesses to the country or can result in death.

Causes and effects

The CAUSES of air pollution are gases and fumes from factories are released into the air Coal is also being burned releasing fume into the air and gas from cars pollutes the air .EFFECTS of air pollution are the air is polluted and dangerous to breath.CAUSES of water pollution are chemicals and waste being dumped into the water.other cause are citizens bathing in the water and run off from farms.EFFECTS of water pollution is the water is nasty and not safe to drink. CAUSES of flooding are too much rain and the rivers water levels rise above the land heights.EFFECTS are topsoil is washed away and homes and cars are destroyed and lives are lost and water Bourne diseases are posed a serious threat to the workers who we're trying to save the citizens.