Paw Prints

Norfolk Jr. High

By Raul Lopez

The Ghost Machine

Peter and his wife Sophie were arguing beacuse she wouldnt cook supper.Everytime Sophie would go out, Peter would put her in a pumpkin shell.Then he left her in the pumpkin shell for 10 days. On Thursday 500 PM in Norfolk on a hot afternoon day,Peter decided to tell her to run away,because he dint wanted to make her suffer. And then Sophie left forever.

Iron Man/Movie Review Notes

Main actors=Tony Stark,and Rhodney.

Theme/Message=Tony needed to deafeaT Evil

Took Place=2nd of May 2008

Setting=Stark Industries

Summary=Tony needs to deafeat Evil so he can live.

Feature Story


There are about 41.5 billion fish in the world. Flathead catfish have a tooth pad consisting of hundreds of tiny of teeth.The best time to catch a fish is seven weeks after the fish has stopped spawning. Flathead catfish are often called mud cats.There are 1,000,000 million kinds of fish/species out there in the world. One billion people rely on fish as an important source of protein. As many as 90% of all the oceans out there have been fished out. Only 0.6% of the oceans are protected. The global fishing fleets are 250% larger than oceans can support . In 2004, 13,000 species were discovered. Fifty-two percent of fish stocks are fully exploited. Illegal fishing is worth up to 9,000,000,000 billion dollars a year. Everyday a company spends 41.5 billion dollars a year on the fishing industry. The fastest fish swim up to 120mph. About 3,750,000,000 dollars are paid every year buying fish. Fish have a backbone. One quarter of all fish are female. Over 44 million Americans would enjoy fishing every year.Over 1 million kinds of fish are threatened every year by extinction. Some fish can fit inside a fingernail, and sometimes they're called monsters. They’re really tiny.

Hard Work

For Against Article

Why I agree to shorten the school week is because we get to play longer in P.E, hangout longer with friends, you can take longer at eating lunch, and you have to do more stuff. You can't hang out with your family long enough. and you have more homework to do.

Why I disagree is because you would be in school longer for two or three more hours. Class periods are longer., you would get more education, you would get more homework turned in, and you wouldn’t be able to play sports long enough.

Favorite App

My Favorite app/videogame is Call of Duty Black Ops. Why? Because it is a cool videogame. I like to play zombies with my brother and other guys. I also like playing multiplayer with my little brother and other guys online. It's really fun and I enjoy it alot.