Non-Linear Relationships

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What Are Non-Linear Relationships?

  1. A nonlinear relationship is a relationship in which is extremely hard (or impossible) to calculate or predict because there is not a proportional increase and/or decrease between the independent and dependent variables.

An Example Of A Non-Linear Graph

As you can see on the image beside this, the lines are graphed following the rule which is written beside them.The negative sign before the coefficient Makes the parabola concave downwards. The larger the number is before the x, the more narrow the parabola is.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:What Program Do I Need To Use In-Order To Design These Graphs

A:Use The Program "GeoGeBra", There Is A Button Just Above

Q:Do I Need Any Experience Or Background Knowledge In-Order To Use GeoGeBra Effectively?

A:No, Anyone Can Pick Up And Use The Program