By: Victoria B. and Brooke M.

Shakespeare lived and is remembered as an outstanding actor.

Some of his famous plays were Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, A MidSummer Nights Dream, Julius Caesar, and Alls Well That Ends Well. These are just a few of his many plays.

Shakespeare accomplished 36 or more successfully written plays and 154 sonnets in his lifetime.

He had only males preform in his plays. He also preformed in some of his own pieces.

Shakespeare's Language was Unique

Shakepeare's language consisted of different words to represent certain meanings like "Aye" means yes. He also invented the words assassination, bedroom, puke, and bump. The average person's vocabulary is 10,000 while Shakespeare's was 29,000.

Some Questions I Have About Shakespeare

Why do they call him a "Bard"?

Did Shakespeare go to college since he was very intelligent, but married at 18?

Some Interesting Facts About Shakespeare's Family

At the age of 18, Shakpeare married 26 year old Anne Hathaway.

He had 3 children which one died at the age of 11.