Froggy News

September 21, 2014

Events for the Week

No Homework on Wednesday or Thursday due to Rosh Hashanah

Thursday-No School- Rosh Hashanah

Curriculum for the Week


Last week I introduce to the children a couple new components of the Daily 5 Center routines. When the children go to Read to Self they will now be reading their Spelling poem and then completing a fluency check list. This will help the children to become more aware of their own fluency. We discuss and practiced what they needed to do to be a fluent reader. We also added Mr. Check In bookmark to Read to Someone. The children each received a bookmark which has the words -who, what, where, when, why and how printed on it. After reading the book to each other they will ask each other questions about the book.

This week we will be reading Don't Forget Fun. The skills we will be working on are the following:

  • Phonics-short I, verbs
  • Considering your purpose for reading
  • Fluency-chunking words

I will be begin taking reading groups this week. I'm really excited to get started with working with the children. They will be bringing home books to read at least once a week.

On Friday, I will be introducing the children to Buddy Reading. Each child will have a Reading Buddy that is reading on the same level. I have sets of two of the same leveled book. The children will both choose a set of books to read. Throughout the week they will each read the book and on Friday they will be discussing what they read. This will help the kids with both encouraging each other to read and to increase their comprehension skills.

Rock Star Readers

This week I will be meeting with each reading and I will be showing them which level of book they should be choosing to read during Read to Self. By knowing the correct level of book to read they will be able to read the books independently.

Next Friday we will all be dressing up like Rock Star Readers because by next week the children will have learned most of the routines of our reading program. The children should wear gloves and sunglasses. They can just wear their winter gloves. Please don't buy stuff for them to wear. The reason that they should wear gloves is because they will be choosing books that fit like a glove. It should be a lot of fun!


This week the children will be using their planning sheets for their Small Moment and writing their rough draft of a Narrative story. They will learn the importance of stretching their small moment ideas. We will also be discussing Strong Leads, Mighty Middles and Strong Endings. The children will also learn about verbs and nouns.


This week the children will be bringing home their spelling homework books. We have practice how to complete each page and they should be able to complete the pages.

Starting next week I will be sending home spelling words that the children need to study and practice. Beginning next week we will have a test every Friday.

This week we will be learning about Spelling centers and Spelling groups.


In Math the children will be working on the following skills:

  • equivalent names for numbers; and to review calculator use
  • read and display temperatures, combine values of ones, tens, and hundreds using base-10 blocks, and explore addition facts on dominoes
  • counting and looking for patterns on the calculator
  • comparing numbers using the relation symbols <, >, and =; and to introduce Home Links

I will also begin taking Math groups this week.

Social Studies

In Social Studies we will be finishing up our Communities unit this week. We will be comparing and contrasting different types of communities and reading further about them.


Monday-Words Their Way Spelling Book-page 7

Tuesday-Extra Math and Words Their Way Spelling Book page 8

Wednesday and Thursday-No Homework due to Rosh Hashanah