Vulcanization of Rubber

Charles Goodyear

Vulcanization of Rubber

Charles was born in 1800 and he lived to 1860. In 1832 he started to play or experiment with rubber. The rubber that he started to use was called Indian rubber. One day he discovers that if you put sulfur on the rubber the rubber would be less sticky. One day accidentally Charles spilled a mixture of rubber and sulfur onto a hot surface and to his surprise the rubber did not melt. He actually fireguard out that the heat cured the rubber. He played with it for 5 years and then he mad the rubber stronger than ever.

How it works-The vulcanization of rubber works

How has it benefited

It has benefited many people in many was because now we have tiers and rubber boots. It has effected people back then because now they could have a rubber insulator and have tiers for there automobile. It has evolved it has because rubber is used in almost every thing your roof top your shoes and a lot more.