Stephanie Noriega

Job Description

Microbiologists investigate growth, structure, development and more characteristics of microscopic organisms like bacteria, algae, and fungi. Can also study the relationship between organisms and disease or effects of antibiotics on microorganisms.
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Education/Degree/Certification Required

  • At least a bachelor's degree
  • PhD needed for senior level positions
  • No internship needed

Job Outlook

  • 3/5 stars
  • moderate demand

Median Annual Salary

  • Texas: $47,406
  • U.S: $67,800

Tasks and Activities

  • investigate relationships between organisms and diseases including control of epidemics
  • prepare technical reports based on research
  • analyze biological samples
  • classify organisms based on characteristics
  • operate laboratory of field equipment


This career is interesting to me not only because it's related to the career of a pediatrician, but because I could get to study viruses. If I could find the cure to a major disease, I could save a lot of people from a deadly epidemic or outbreak.