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Get slim in 1 step!

Our lose fat kit is the best, healthiest and easiest product for fat loss in the world.

No more gym membership, expensive fat loss program, harmful chemical diet pills, quitting in 3 days... all you need is this kit! This is the core of fat burning method.

Boost your metabolism, you will lose more fat with less effort!

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How does it work?

These easy exercise will improve your metabolism in very natural and effective way by stimulating fat burning functions.


Q. How long does it take to lose fat?

A. Usually you will start seeing result within a week.

Q. How long a day do I need to exercise?

A. 10 minutes, also DVD includes other exercises that you can do with pole or without to get more results.

Q. Do I have to be on special diet?

A. No. However it would of course increase fat loss if you watch what you eat, kit comes with diet suggestion including fat burning recipes.

Q. I never work out, will I be able to do it?

A. Yes. Unless you have special medical condition that you are not able to lay on pole and move your body, this is one of the easiest exercise.

Q. I also want to lose fat all around, will this exercise help?

A. Absolutely yes. These exercise is for actually over all body fat loss, it does work very well on fat around shoulder. Also it would help with your other health issues by loosing up your pelvis.