Change the school security

For the safety of the students

1 reason why the school security should be change

  1. In one of the 3 schools that are in my school two girls got raped by two boys in the lunch period for like two hours in the auditorium an nun of the security guards notice

Another reason why school the security should be change

  • A lot of fights happen in that school and the security guards don't even notice. I mean they notice the a fight is happening just after is finishing and you don't know what can happen in a fight students can hurt by any kind of tools the fighter is using because when students see a fight they all go to see.

The changes gotta be big not small

It's guaranteed that we need to experience new security in my school

The 3 reason why the my school security should be change

Their is a lot of bulling happening because in the news I saw a kid from my school that said that they jump him and bullied him because the people who bullied him didn't like him and he was Dominican boy.