Paz y justicia

General Information

The capital of Paraguay is Asunción. Asunción is a major city in Paraguay, along with Ciudad del Este and San Lorenzo. There are two official languages, Spanish and Guraní. In 1811, Paraguay gained independence from Spain.

Political Information

Paraguay has a constitutional democracy. Horacio Cartes is the president. As of right now, Paraguay and the United States have a good relationship. The United Staes is supporting Paraguay's consolidation of government.


Paraguay has a capitalist economy. In Paraguay, the currency is Guraní.


Paraguay exports soybeans, feed, cotton, meat, edible oils, wood, and leather. It exports these goods to Uraguay, Brazil, Argentina, and Russia. Paraguay imports road vehicles, consumer goods, tobacco, petroleum products, electrical machinery, tractors, chemicals, and vehicle parts. It imports these from from Brazil, China, Argentina, and the United States.


Paraguay is located in Central South America. It is northeast of Argentina and southwest of Brazil. Some physical features are Río Paraguay (Paraguay River), Paraná Plateau, and Gran Chaco.


Why should you go?

  • Beautiful landscapes
  • Great food
  • Inexpensive vacation