Ms. Webster's Third Grade Class

Our Classroom News Brief

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This Week in Third Grade

Math- We are working on skills practice and test-taking skills. This will be a purely review week. No new material will be taught.

English Language Arts- We will be expanding our vocabulary with a continued study of prefixes and suffixes, as well as beginning an in-depth study of "testing" words. We will continue practicing our reading comprehension skills through a variety of texts.

Science- We continue our exploration of our solar system with a variety of activities.

Social Studies- Student work is on display outside of our class. If you are in the building, I highly recommend you stop by and see the finished projects!

Change for Books

The Claxton community has been collecting loose change to raise money to buy books to make sure that everyone has something to read over the summer. The class that collects the heaviest amount of change will win a special book basket from the library. Our class was in the lead, last I checked. The collection ends this Friday, May 20th. We have one more week to clean out underneath those sofa cushions!

Person of the Week

Our Person of the Week is KayaBlue! We are so grateful to have KayaBlue as a member of our classroom community. She always has a smile and a kind word to share with each and everyone of us. Kaya sets an outstanding example in line, in the cafeteria, with our kindergarten reading buddies, and just about everywhere in between! Kaya always puts first things first and works diligently before moving on to the next activity. I love the questions KayaBlue brings me from the previous night's homework. They let me know that Kaya is trying her best to make sense of the problems put in front of her. Whats-more, she is always excited to go back to the drawing board and try again. I love her grit and enthusiasm for learning. Way to go KayaBlue!
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Quote of the Week

Never look down on anybody unless you are helping him up.

--Jesse Jackson

Important Dates

Fri., May 13th: Poppy Popcorn fundraising money due

Thurs., May 19th: Celebration of Learning Community Potluck at Claxton (5:50-8:00 PM)

Fri., May 20th-Wed., May 25th: Book Fair in the Media Center

Wed., May 25th: Math EOG Test 8:00-12:30

Thur., May 25th: Reading EOG 8:00-12:30

Fri., May 27th: Make-up EOGs

Mon., May 30th: Memorial Day NO SCHOOL

Fri., June 3rd: Field Day at Memorial Stadium

Mon., June 6th: Claxton Variety Show

Tue., June 7th: Claxton Awards Assembly

Wed., June 8th: Last Day of School

Betts Webster

3rd Grade Teacher

Claxton Elementary