The 19th Century Great Growth in

Transportation and Work

Improvements in Transportation

There was a great growth in transportation during the 1800s. This change was very convenient in many ways because there were new methods to travel. The two main methods of transportstion were the steamboats and the railroad system. They used this methods to carry people and goods to other places. This new improvements changed the American lifestyle because it improved the Eastern United states business.

Industrial Developments

During the 1800s there was a great industrial developments. America created new factories and mills with advanced machines. With all this they transported goods in many places to sold them. This machines helped a lot because now it was a little bit faster to make the goods to sell. They were great improvements.

Labor Conditions

Factories were a great chance for women to work and be independent. When factories were created, there was a lot of job, so they started to hire single girls. Many girls started to work there to gain money, but the labor conditions were never good. Factories didn't gave women things to protect themselves while working. Many of the workers died because they were unprotected. Also they needed to work a lot and their salary wasn't good. All this women who worked on factories were called the Lowell Girls.
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The North During the 19th Century