A Renaissance Artist


Giorgione was born in Castelfranco, Italy in 1477. However, he spent most of his life in Venice, Italy until he died at the age of 33 due to the plague. Most of his life included art however Giorgione was also a musician. Under the training provided by one of the greatest Venetian artist, Giovanni Bellini, he was surely on the path of becoming an outstanding artist. Giorgione took after Bellini by using effects of light within his paintings. The fact that he had one of the greatest Venetian artists as his mentor means that he must have had a pretty good life style and up bringing. However, we cannot say for certian because little is known about Giorgione's personal life. Giorgione primarily worked for private patrons. The most well known patron being Gabriele Vendramin, who commissioned The Tempest. Other patrons included Taddeo Contarini, who commissioned The Three Philosophers. Within his work he displayed a lot of landscapes and also collaborated with other artists. Giorgione primarily used oil paints for his paintings. Some of his famous pieces include The Madonna with Saints Francis and Liberale, The Three Philosophers, and The Boy with an Arrow.

The Tempest

This is one of Giorgione's most well known pieces, The Tempest. This outstanding piece was created in Accademia, Venice in 1510. The piece was comissioned by Venetian nobleman Gabriele Vendramin. This oil canvas painting is can be seen on many websites. However, the actual painting is located in Gallerie dell'Accademia of Venice, Italy. The piece was the first ever landscape historians found of the Renaissance time period. Also, Giorgione was the first artist to produce small pictures with oil paint. Many art critics have not agreed on what story this painting shares, but it is a great story because the meaning of the painting has been debated time and time again.

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What 'isms' does this fall under?

This piece primarily displays humanism through the relationship of the mother and child, and also emotion is shown on the man's face towards the woman. Also, this painting shows perspectivism because the trees point you in the direction of the city and storm cloud by the trees narrowing. Almost all the distant features, such as the buildings, are all giving the illusion that the land goes on and on. Therefor, this painting could also be deemed for having a fair amount of illusionism as well. I personally love the fact that this painting has naturalism as well. The oil paints are very subtle and get across a ominous feeling.

My Expert Critique:

I find this painting to be a favorite because of the softer blues and greens used in this painting. Those specific colors just let off a calm sense despite the storm cloud in the back. I believe that this painting is about a mother shielding her child from the outside world. I say this because the lady is cradling her baby while around her is a storm. This painting could also be about a father not having the role of child care. I have this idea from the man standing off to the side watching the lady.