Ms. C.'s First Grade Classroom

October 11 - October 14

This Week:

In Reading, students learned about text features in non-fiction texts. We identified labels and photographs and their purpose within the text. Students also read a fable and learned that fables teach a lesson. We continue to talk about sequence and story elements. In LA, students practiced identifying and writing short /e/ words as well as new sight words. Students learned about adjectives and how they are used to describe nouns. We reviewed nouns and verbs.

In Writing, students are beginning their personal narratives. We learned how to write complete sentences using capital letters, punctuation marks, finger spaces and illustrations. Students are very excited to begin their writing journey.

In Math, we began Chapter 2 where students will learn how to subtract using pictures, connecting cubes and counters.

In Social Studies, we began Chapter 2 which focuses on culture and diversity.

Breaking News!

Our class has a google website!!!!!

Stay up to date with information, examples of homework, curriculum and exciting news from Room 25!!!

Upcoming Spelling Words:

Short /u/:

1. up

2. bug

3. mud

4. nut

5. hug

6. tub

Words to Know (Sight Words)

7. friend

8. hold

9. full

10. many

11. good

12. pull

Upcoming Events: October

19 - Chick Fil A Night ~ benefits Mennies Kindergarten

20 - Pretzel Sale $1 for plain and $1.50 for Cinnamon

21 - Mennies Spirit Day ~ Wear a Mennies Shirt with uniform bottom

21 - Day 3 ~ GYM