Proctor and Power

BY Katie Hyatt

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Theme: Good and evil power is determined by the person

In the book and the movie of the crucible power is shown to be very important to people. Alot of people have power but power can be used for good or bad. Power comes with the chose of using it for good or bad and in the crucible it shows different people making that decision
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Power used for bad

The concept in the crucible about power is power is important. It shows people will do anything to get or keep power. In the crucible it shows Abigail wanting power so she accuses people of witchcraft. Just like abby showed power gives authority. On page 20 in the crucible abby says to the girls “ let either of you breathe a word or the edge of a word about the other things and i will come to you in the black of some terrible night and i will bring a pointy reckoning that will shudder you” this quote shows that abby has power over the girls and she will do anything to keep her power. Abby was not the only one who wanted power Mr Parris wanted power to get everything he wanted. Rev.Parris thought he had more power than he really had. He thought he would become the savior of salem but no one really respected his wishes. The Crucible does talk about bad people having power and using it in bad ways but their are still some good people who knows how to use power for good.
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Proctor used power for good

Mr proctor is a very good example of power being used for good. Mr proctor is a highly respected man by many people in Salem. John Proctor has some power over Parris. Which is debatable good and bad. John does not think parris is a Godly man and is not good for the church. Since people respect john they agree with him so not many people like parris. In the movie when proctor comes to the court to tell the truth about the girls Parris says this man has always wanted me gone. This shows Parris is afraid of proctor.Another example of Proctor using his power is at the end. Proctor would not give his name up to the court so by this way he was also protecting his power and weakening the court's power. His actions of choosing to not lie and get hanged plants the seed to put a stop to the witches madness. In the movie at the end it shows Proctor, Martha and Rebecca reciting the lord's prayer which showed everyone they are innocent and still choose to get hanged. Proctor has made mistakes in the past but he proves he is a good man and power in the right hands can be used for good.

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