Salt & Light

A Springtown Church of Christ Series

Let It Shine!

So I am ready to be light, right? I mean I am really ready!

So why am I not shining?

Do you ever find yourself ready to make that switch, but can't seem to find the trigger to make it happen?

  • Pride
  • Regrets
  • Fears
  • Shackles of the past
  • Fail to forgive others
  • Fail to forgive self
  • Too Busy
  • etc

We can name these bushels or bowls that seem to block the light of God within us from shining forth. So if we can name them, then we can get rid of them. It's time to Shine!

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Don't think you are worthy of shining? Give this song a listen.
Go and Live (a cappella) by Byron Dial