Nazis and World War ll

What went on during this??????

1st Question: Explain the reason why Hitler killed people from different religions

They want to just have one main religion. Hitler wanted everyone to be the same and not different. If people where different and not the same they would be killed. The Germans killed by working them to death. They would die either by starvation or hydration.

1st picture gist

Part of Nazis

Question 2: Describe how you think the Jews, gypsies etc. felt during WWll

  • Sad because they could not do much
  • Upset because they could not do much just because a evil man named Hitler said NO
  • Jealous because the Jews saw people with blue eyes and blonde hair all happy while they were suffering
  • gangs of Nazis attacked and killed Jews, burned their belongings getting them MAD
  • They were desprite because they can't get any food and that would lead to death

2nd Picture Gist

Shows Jews and what they look like after being in the concentration camps

Question #3: Describe how Hitler got people to go to the concentration camps andf WHY????????

  • He would put then in a box cart and send them to Poland
  • They brought the prisoners to the concentration camps so people could be worked and Hitler could feel like he had power over other people

Gist of The VIdeo

This video shows What happened during the Nazis Party and World War ll.

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By: Paige H. and Madison S.