ROOM 215

Mrs. White's Team


October 9: School dismisses at 1:00

October 12-16: NO SCHOOL

October 14-15: Parent Teacher Conferences


READING: We read a story written by Laura Ingalls Wilder. We discussed conflict/resolution and how it goes along with the plot of a story. Students also read about a boy who follows along with a prank that a bully plays on a fellow classmate. We had a great discussion!

MATH: We continued multiplication and we added Properties of Multiplication (Distributive, Associative, Commutative, Identity, and Property of Zero).

WRITING: Students wrote another opinion paragraph after we read an article about selfie sticks being banned from amusement parks.

SOCIAL STUDIES: We completed our globes - YAY!

Students took part in our annual Walk-A-Thon today during specials - we had a BLAST!


READING: We will be reading a story about a boy who goes along with his grandfather to work in the prairie for e day. We will continue to discuss conflict and resolution.

MATH: We will continue multiplication and will begin o work on multiplying 2 digit by 2 digit numbers. Our students are doing great!

WRITING: We will be creating a foldable with the he definitions and examples of parts of speech. We will also be watching School House Rocks grammar videos to go along with this project.

SOCIAL STUDIES: We are going to continue working on our map skills and add in where we live in this world. **** Please send your child's address on a notecard - we will be using them this week :)


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