Life In Space

A Trip of a Lifetime

When this trip is taking place

This phenomenal trip is going into space and observing planets. This trip is taking place on the 12 October, 2310. if you take part in this trip you will be in space visiting different planets for 5 days. It only takes 7 and a half minutes to get into space so we will have plenty of time to explore


Day 1: Take off and reach space then settle into space craft and have a fitting session for special space suits.

Day 2: Visit Phobos (moon of Mars) and have morning tea and lunch beside some of it's enormous craters. Play around with zero gravity.

Day 3: Visit Pluto but since it is very cold we will adjust our space suits to make you feel like it's 30 degrees but if that's too hot you can adjust the temperature yourself. We will be eating lunch in the spacecraft otherwise the food will freeze.

Day 4: Visit Titan moon of Saturn and eat lunch in it's thick clouds. Explore everything!

Day 5: Pack up everything and head back down to Earth!

Life In Space

Saturday, Dec. 10th 2310 at 3:30pm

Federal St

Footscray, VIC

Since there is no oxygen in space we have designed a special space suit that is comfortable and affordable. It is easy to put on and take off and it adjusts perfectly in whatever climate the suit is in. The cost of this trip will be $2500 dollars per person. The trip only takes 20 people so get in quick it's over a period of 5 days.

We are Space Vacations Co.

We are Space Vacations Co. and we will hope to see you on one of our trips, but remember DON'T MISS OUT!

Sabine P