Patient Access Updates

Patient Access Training Corner

February 2014 Volume 3

Value Codes

Medi-Cal Share of Cost patients will ALWAYS need Value Code 23 listed on the account. After the value code is entered the amount of money that will be cleared on the Medi-Cal website should be entered.

Steps to Entering Value Codes

  1. Arrive at Claim Info form under the Hospital Accounts folder.
  2. Select the Value Code field and enter 23.
  3. Enter the amount of money to be cleared on the website.
**Please note that $0 should be entered when a patient refuses to pay any amount.**

Documenting Non-Work Related Accident Information

It is very important to document accident information whenever a patient has any accident. In the accident related field enter Yes. Create a Claim Information Record and document the details of the accident.
The Checklist for this patient displays a verified patient, guarantor, and hospital account because the claim information record was completed.

***Please note that the accident is not work related and the field for WC employer was not completed.***