Alkali Metals

Group 1

Alkali Metals Fight Back

Francium and it's army is on the loose.

Francium the strongest of the Alkali metals with an atomic number of 87 is destroying the city. He is leader because he has the biggest atomic number. It minions are Caesium(55), Rubidium(37), Potassium(19), Sodium(11), and Lithium(3). These metals are usually found in the Earth's crust. They can be used in rechargeable batteries, fertilizers, and in nuclear reactors.

These metals are very small and you can't see them. You can hear them though they make a noise like this: KA-KA-KOO-KA. They are causing mass destruction. Everthing is burning down to the ground. They might end the...... Wait I hear them. I just heard the KA-KA-KOO-KA. They are at my feet. THEY ARE HEREEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!

This is now the Alkali metal leader and his minions typing. We just are holding this world prisoners until you agree not to kill our brothers and make them into things. If you don't agree to that then we will have to kill everyone.

Flame colors

p.s This can't happen