Obesity: The American Epidemic

What can we do to prevent Obesity?

Obesity is a growing problem in America's youth. One of the main causes of obesity in youth is the growing acceptance of obesity in our culture. It starts in the home life of students, and their main role models, primarily parents. If the students' parents have no care in the world about their health, why should the child? The viewpoint of obesity being acceptable needs to change, and it needs to begin in the school.

The Obesity Myth: Why America's Obsession with Weight is Hazardous To Your Health. Author: Paul Campos


12th Grade Health Class. This book is very important because it provides a different viewpoint on the Obesity problem facing the country today. This will allow students to think outside the box and think about different aspects of obesity.


Fat Politics. The Real Story Behind America's Obesity Epidemic. Author: J. Eric Oliver


12th Grade Health Class. Identifies the basic fundamental principals of why being overweight is taboo. Main source of taboo stemming from social pressures.


12th Grade Physical Education Class.

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Physical Activity and Obesity. Author: Claude Bouchard


9th Grade Health. Offers a good insight into the basic link between Physical Activity and Health