Tablets? Chromebooks?

By: Kelsie Lopriore

Chromebooks were first made by Google on June 5, 2009. Google thought by making these high running computers that it will help you get what you’re looking for done faster. Google started making these computers. People now started comparing chromebooks to trackpads and keyboards. Some may be wondering where was it made? Well it was made in Google headquarters all over the world. Now for tablets, the first PC Tablet was made in 2002. Now there are many tablets in America and other countries. Just most of these tablets are created in a headquarters and then officially made in a factory. As tablets went on more and more companies come into place such as Apple and Android. Schools are now using tablets and Chromebooks. Some of these tablets are Android Kuno Tablets. Here are some schools using tablets: Chesak, Martin, Leggee and maybe more. Even Marlowe used tablets for 6th grade but then switched to Chromebooks. That's when some people think, “What is a Tablet PC?” Well it's a mobile computer. I asked around “What do you like tablets or Chromebooks?” Here is what they had to say. Izzy G. and Anthony L. said Chromebooks. Even Mr. Hart said, “Kuno’s are good for now, but if we had to switch Chromebooks that would be fine too." I also said Chromebooks because I think they are faster for research. Tablets or Chromebooks? Think to yourself, "Which one do you like better?"