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Fully Updated for the 2016-2017 School Year

How to use this resource

This resource was put together to help you navigate the research process of the Global Awareness Project.

Check out the video below to learn more about the project.

GATP Introduction

Now what?

As you go through setting up your project there are several things you will need to think about: how to start on research, how to create your research questions, and the location of sources for research.

Check out the videos and links below to help with this process

Big 6

Big 6

How to Create a Research Question

Research Questions


Database Tour 2016-2017

Database Passwords

Use the link HERE to access the database passwords if using the databases at home.

Database Links




Use the links below to check out pathfinders for each of the different cultures that you can study as a part of Global Awareness.

You will need to log into your GoogleApps account to access these files.






Pre-Columbian Civilizations

Electronic Resources

Looking for another great place to use?

MyOn has a great list of books for each culture.

Click HERE for a page with all the MyOn books from each culture.

Website Evaluation

Website Evaluation

Note Taking Skills

Note Taking Skills

Note Taking

Use the link below to help you with putting your notes together for your GATP.

Notes are a required part of your research process.

Click here

In the Thick of It

Now that you have picked your topic and subtopics for comparing and contrasting, don't forget that we have to cite all of our information correctly. The videos below will help you to cite your sources.

How to Cite Books

How to Cite Books

How to Cite Databases

How to Cite a Database

How to Cite Websites

How to Cite Websites

How to Cite Pictures

How to Cite Pictures

Moving Past the Facts

Once you have done your research, you'll need to think beyond just what you've found. You now need to do some bigger thinking



Putting it All Together

Once your research is done, it's time to put everything together. Check out videos below to see tutorials on ways to put together your GATP.

Please let Mrs. Baucum know if you need any help with other programs like MovieMaker or others.

Free Music

Looking for free music to use in your project? Check out the YouTube free Audio Library for music that is copyright free and usable in your project.

Click here to learn more!

Presentation Basics

GoogleSlides/Powerpoint Presentation Basics

Narration in Google Slides

Narration Over Google Slides
Narration in Audacity

Photostory: Another Option

Photostory How To

Going for the Grade

Before turning in your Global Awareness Technology Project, take a moment to review the video below explaining the rubric

The GATP Rubric


Use the link HERE to access the rubric for the Global Awareness Technology Project.

Watch the video below for a better explanation of the rubric.

GATP Rubric

Created by Heather Baucum, Librarian, Crossfield Elementary

Need help?

Mrs. Baucum is here to help with anything you may still be confused on.

Feel free to contact her through Google Apps