Special Deal from American Airlines

Up to 1,000 Business Extra Points Available to GAN Founders

American Airlines is pleased to work with the Global Accelerator Network and its member accelerators to offer free flights to every founding company who has completed an accelerator program in the GAN. Each company would earn 1,000 "Business Extra" points after it enrolled and flew on a qualified purchased flight within the first 90 days of enrollment. Once your company has accumulated 2,000 points total, you could redeem those points for a round trip domestic plan ahead ticket. If you would rather, you may also redeem your 1,000 Business Extra points for up to 3 "day passes" at any American Airlines Admirals Club.

If you would like to redeem the perk, please fill out the form below. And for more information, please email Paul Swartz, American Airlines Strategic Partnerships Manager, at Paul.Swartz@aa.com.

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