Mediterranean Diet

By: Adisynne Henley, Berkley Loeblein, Matthew Gouge

What is this diet?

This diet is traditional in the mediterranean countries but had traveled to the USA. It is known for its large amount of vegetables and olive oil and moderate amount proteins and low fat. Proteins, Fats and Carbs are known as organic compounds which are all in the Mediterranean diet in good portions that are healthy for the body.

Health Benefits

Researches have found that people who follow this diet have a lower risk for heart disease and heart attacks. It is known as one of the worlds healthiest diets because it helps with weight loss, better control of blood pressure, and reduced risk of depression. Also helps with slowing the rate that Alzheimers progresses. It also lowers the risk of stroke.



How the different organic compound in this diet affect the body?

Organic compounds are things such as fats, carbs, and proteins. This diet has high carbs so the person following this diet can have a lot of energy. This diet has low fats so the person can lose weight. Also enough fats so their body does not have to resort to absorbing the healthy fat on the body. The diet has proteins so the body can develop muscle and strength.

Diet Overview


- Cheerios

- Strawberries

- Soynuts


- Salmon stuffed with...

- spinach

- feta cheese


- Mozzarella and

- Tomato

- and Chickpea salad

Breakfast is high in carbs and proteins to give you enough energy to get through the day.

Lunch is high and fat and very high in due to the fact that it includes salmon which is a very high protein source.

Dinner has about the same amount of carbs, proteins, and fats because it is one of the last meals of the day so your diet need to be balanced.