Wondrous Water by Elizabeth Alchin

Where’s Water?

Water is everywhere, it is all around us and it is always on the move! We use it for most things, showers, cooking, drinking, cleaning and maintaining our hygiene, wow that’s a lot! But where’s water? All dams, streams, rivers and oceans are full of it…Water. Water is used over and over again and that is all because of the WATER CYCLE.

The WATER CYCLE is a cycle that water travels a lot! The basic of the WATER CYCLE is that water from streams and rivers EVAPORATE (disappear) up into the sky and then CONDENSES (shrinks) as it goes higher and the airs temperature becomes colder. Maybe the next time you’re in an aeroplane you should have a feel of the window. Continuously water PRECIPITATES (falls) onto the ground below.

How is Water Wasted?

Water is wasted way too much! We do need to use it, but not so irresponsibly. Water is wasted because we are unaware, using too much and we use it, in some ways for too long. Take having a shower for instance, some people are in there for twenty minutes, singing and wasting time. You only need to have a shower to become clean, not to put on a production, you can do that somewhere else!

Waters’ Revenge…

If we don’t look after water, it isn’t going to looked after us. Water is a big part of our lives and if we can’t save the water that isn’t being used wisely we will not survive! The land also uses a lot of water, and it is also counting on us to save the wasted water. The land will dry out, no plants or animals could continue in those conditions!

Water Awareness

By telling people about being water wise you’re giving water awareness to the people who need it. You can also give awareness by being a good role model and saving water yourself. Telling people about water and how it is wasted is also very helpful to the environment.

Did You Know?

Did you know that today we drink the same water as dinosaurs did millions of years ago, that we drink the same water as roman soldiers did and that the water you just drank could have been water that your nan bathed in forty years ago? I bet you didn’t! Again because of the WATER CYCLE. But this is really cool, water regulates the earth’s temperature so it also regulates the temperature of our body. Remember, don’t count on us to save water, we are counting on you!

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