Internet Safety

By: Zach Nienhueser


Hacking is more common than you would think. You may even been getting hacked right now. That's why you need to make sure to not do anything that you know is not safe. You need to make sure to be careful and mindful of ads and never use spyware that is free because it might just be a scam to get your information.
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When you are texting back and fourth be sure to not put anything that you would regret saying in the future. Once something is out on the internet it can never fully be deleted unlike something you do in real life that is forgotten in a matter of weeks. It may come back to haunt you when you are older, and that is also why you need to try and aviod having flame wars with anyone online and if you see one going on try to stop it.
Kids Internet Safety Tips

Cyber Bullying

Cyber Bullying is a very serious issue everywhere even on the computer that you are looking at this on. People that do this usually do it forms like flamewars that is a argument with many different view points that has gotten a little out of hand and they have changed the subject to something that offends the other person on the other computer over and over again.
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Do you know what fishing is? Probably not but it might have happened to you. Phishing is when you get a email or a message that looks real and seems legit and asks for you to update you baking information or something else and will take it and steal your money and possibly run you out of money.
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You may not think much of your passwords but they may make or break you. If it is something personal that only you know about it may be a secure password but remember to never tell anyone it. Think of your password as your cloths, without your passwords you are exposed to everything and do you want that no.
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Viruses are a serious threat if they are not taken care of. Viruses make it so you computer is slower and may delete all of the programs on your computer and figuratively burn you computer to the ground. To prevent this you need to make sure you have antivirus software.
how to secure computer from online viruses telugu


Have you ever been searching for something and you just can not find it. Have you tried searching by key words that with out it make no sense. You also have careful searching that you don't search up something that may mean something else to you than what it means.
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Finding Hackers

Hackers are usually quite when you are online. They may get you to trust them and then ease you into questions like your mother maiden name or the name of your first pet that you don't realize what you are doing.


One of the many rules for online is if you wouldn't say it to their face don't say it online to them. What this is meaning is that if you don't say it to them in person don't say it online or be rude to them like some people are.
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Last but not least is that if something scares you just tell a guardian and they will help you get out of it or block it that way you don't have to see it again and it won't be bugging you anymore.
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