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January 29, 2016

Upcoming Events

  • Tuesday, February 2 - Free health screenings in the teacher's lounge from 7-8 AM. Please see Nurse Adams if you are interested.
  • Tuesday, February 2- Library renovation meeting with 6/8th grade during advisory
  • Wednesday, February 3- STAAR Oath and Confidentiality Training for all staff at 7:35 sharp!
  • Wednesday, February 3- Library renovation meeting with 6/8th grade during advisory
  • Friday, February 5- STAR Recess/ Gym time during advisory
  • Wednesday, February 10- Math PLC
  • Wednesday, February 10- Building Leadership Team meeting at 3:45 in the library
  • Thursday, February 11- UIL Writing
  • Thursday, February 11- TELPAS Rater Training (for select individuals)
  • Friday, February 12- Lisa Dietz Tech trainings
  • Friday, February 12- School Dance- 5/6- 5:30-7:00, 7/8- 7:30-9:00

Parent Survey

The annual parent survey was sent out on Wednesday. So far we have only had 38 people respond. I found mine in my spam folder, and you may as well. Below is the link:

PLC Agenda Reminder

PLC's will be coming up soon. In order to ensure your meetings are productive, please be diligent about filling out agenda items throughout the month so you have a well thought out guide for your discussions.

Students Utilizing Remind

We have done a great job of getting our parents signed up for Remind and keeping them informed. However, I don't know how many of our students are signed up to receive these reminders. If you have not done so already as a grade level, please take some time this next week through one of your classes to get your students signed up to receive these reminders.

Quote of the Week

Students are more likely to see the relevance of learning if, rather than regurgitating facts, they are challenged to solve problems, make decisions, and conduct investigations. Students are more likely to be engaged in tasks they find to be cognitively engaging.

Stay focused on the things that make a difference!

Great Teaching Strategy That Can Be Used in Any Subject Area

Below is a great teaching strategy Brittney used this week to help her students understand the water cycle. She saw the format on a cooking show and adapted it for her students. When a student gets their turn, they have to analyze what has previously been done, and then add their piece of the puzzle in the allotted time (30 secs to 1 minute). This is a strategy that can be utilized in every subject area. For example, in math, student teams could utilize it to solve multi-step problems. Hope you find some innovative ways to use this strategy in your classroom!
Teaching Strategy

A Little STAAR Humor for You.

Most of you have seen this, but if not, you definitely need to.
Hitler on Education
What's Your One Word???

If you have not submitted your "One Word" that you want to be your focus for this year, please do so.


We have several shout-outs for people doing great things!

  • Awesome job on bus duty! I have noticed you guys being there and being there on time. Thank you for making it a priority!
  • Shout out to Amy Long and Lindsey Boevers for the great job they are each doing in their new roles.
  • Shout out to our instructional aides who are always flexible in covering wherever they are needed. We appreciate you guys and your "whatever is best for kids" attitude!
  • Shout out to our parking lot duty folks (Steve Dickinson, Corey Adams, Amy Steindorf, and Cammi Bruton), who do a great job out there keeping our students safe no matter the weather!

Teacher of the Month

Congratulations to Lindsey Flores for being chosen as our Teacher of the Month! We appreciate all of your hard work and your dedication to our students!
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Teachers Observe Teachers - DUE APRIL 1

Click this button to access the TOT form. Be sure to plan ahead so you can see a great lesson, rather than cramming something in last-minute and not getting to see an ideal lesson.

Teacher of the Month Nomination

Staff, please nominate your Teacher of the Month candidate no later than Tuesday, February 2nd.

Outstanding Student Nomination

Grade level teachers, please nominate an outstanding student from your grade level no later than Tuesday, February 2nd.