Easter Island


Polynesians Facts

The people of Easter Island may have been Polynesians according to scientist. Some scientist say that the people had to be Polynesians because of the skeletons. the skeletons looked like Polynesians bone structure. Each person in the world has a different skulls and most races skulls are similar. This may be proof.
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Easter Island Facts

Easter Island has lots of facts about it. Easter Island is located in the Atlantic Ocean. Easter Island is also called Rapi Nui but most people know it by Easter Island. Easter Island had people on it but no longer does and I will fix that. I will go to Easter Island and see if anyone is there and I will discover a new culture.
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Moai Facts

This is my favorite one. On Easter Island there are some statues called moai. No one knows who maid the moai or moved them. Scientist think that the long ears or short ears made the moai but no one knows cause no one is there.There are 880 moai on Easter Island. It looks like the moai just has a head but the body is actually under ground.
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