splash mountain jr

by Lauren & Tiyean

Why this water ride should be in a Disney theme park

We believe that Disney should select our design for their parks due to the fact that this is unlike any other ride they have in any park they own anywhere in the world. This ride has been made for younger children so they can have the same fun experiences as older individuals but no matter your age or height this ride is a very enjoyable experience !

The start

When the ride starts you are dropped into a slight natural curve around the structure , in this process we see Constant velocity , Acceleration , Gravity , normal , potential as well as kinetic energies. We like to think this is the most exhilarating part of the ride!

Middle wrap around

As you approach the winding twists around the structure you will experience free fall , acceleration , gravity and force normal , with potential and kinetic energy.

The bottom twist and

Now we near the end of the ride with Velocity , force normal , friction and thermal energy. Throughout the ride, you have been taken on twists and turns , dramatic drops and stops . All with the help of physics and some Disney magic !
Splash Mountain Music

Marbles x Energy

During the first point, it was where the marble had begun to finally move, causing free fall and potential energy.

During the second point, the marble began to exert kinetic energy, free fall still happening

The third point was where kinetic energy and the marble had begun exerting thermal energy going along the loop, at an angle.