24 Mammoth Fossils Found in Waco, Texas

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24 Colombian Mammoths were found in Waco, Texas by some teenage kids! The kids were playing around and stumbled upon the fossils. They took it to Baylor College and after awhile, they found 23 more fossils! In July of 2015, President Barack Obama named it a National Monument!

Effects on the Ecosystem

Mammoths are very large mammals that eat hundreds of pounds of grass a day. With this much grass being consumed every day, the other animals that ate the grass were forced to find a home elsewhere or that species would go extinct. Many of these animals moved elsewhere. Unfortunately, finding a new home was hard because the mammoths lived in almost every continent.

However, the mammoths eventually became extinct , which allowed the grass to grow very tall because nothing was there to consume it. Trees and bushes grew, which provided shelter for many animals. Nevertheless, a mass extinction causes a great disruption with the ecosystem. The animals that relied on the mammoths for various things died out. Camels that lived during the ice age died because it did not have protection from the mammoths.

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Religious Conflicts

There is a lot of debate between religion and science. The question of creation and the afterlife make religion and science clash. Some people refer to the creation of the universe as the "Big Bang". Others refer to the bible of their religion.

The big debate about mammoths is that they are never mentioned by name in the Bible. However, this doesn't necessarily mean that they aren't in the Bible. Also, people are not exactly sure how the mammoths became extinct. Scientists say that it was caused by climate change or lack of food. Religious groups say that the flood in the book of Genesis wiped out the species.

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Scale Drawing of Pompeii

Pompeii was a city in Italy that was buried under ashes and rock. About 1900 years ago a volcano, called Mount Vesuvius erupted and buried the city of Pompeii. In the 1700's, Pompeii was rediscovered by workmen. It is a very well-known archaeological dig site.
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Math Portion


Scale: 1 in= 5 ft

1 x 5 = 5

- - - - - - -

7 x 5 =35

Body: 35 ft

Tail: 2 ft

Head: 4 ft

Feet: 5 ft

Neck: 7 ft

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