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Panther Pride--Keep Pounding!

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February 1-5, 2016

Math: We have continued our measurement unit and I am so impressed with the enthusiasm they have for this unit! They are really learning a lot and it's evident in their work. We have discussed different units of measurement (nonstandard, standard, metric), how to select the appropriate tool/unit for measurement, how to estimate lengths of objects and how to measure the same object in two different ways. Both teacher's choice and independent groups have been getting hands-on experience measuring in so many ways! Students completed (or are working on completing) a 'Measuring Me' booklet where they measured and compared a partner's height and various other things like hands, feet, arms, etc. They've measured length, width, and height of many classroom objects as a 'roam the room' activity. We also translated our measuring skills into measuring zig-zag lines, as students created and measured tape zigzags on the carpet and walls as well as in their journals. Today we played a Super Bowl themed math game that spiraled math questions from all our units of study so far--this was a real hit!

Word Work: The next WTW test will be on next Friday.

Writing: We have started writing an informational piece of writing based on the facts students have learned from their non-fiction books. This will continue into next week.

ELA: This week we have finished up our non-fiction post test and are in full swing of Unit 4: Shoring Up. This unit focuses on revisiting/reteaching foundational skills good readers have. This week's focus in mini lessons was on fluency. We compared texts and found that authors leave clues about how to read their writing: fiction we generally use a "storyteller" voice for and non-fiction books are more in a "teacher" voice. Students practiced finding these clues and reading a variety of texts aloud as the author would've envisioned. Another fluency topic discussed was how we want to work hard to blend phrases together and not to be "leaky faucet" readers where each word is separated. Friday we added another topic to the mix which was using punctuation as clues to tell us how we can read with proper expression. In small groups, we've been focusing a lot on word-solving strategies that can be used when you come across a tricky word.

Science: I am *so* very excited to be teaching science and energy and matter is such a fun topic. Scientific journals have been distributed and students have learned and can provide examples of the three states of matter. We also did an easy experiment that shows all three states of matter at once called 'Dancing Raisins'. If you want to try it at home, pour some Sprite in a clear glass and add raisins...what is happening and why is it happening? Our class has fully embraced the scientist role!


Monday: Chinese

Tuesday: PE

Wednesday: Art

Thursday: Music

Friday: Science

Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day is coming up! It is not a scheduled "party day" so it will be pretty casual; however, next Friday (2/12) we will be celebrating Valentine's Day in a variety of academic content areas through stations and will be exchanging Valentine's in the afternoon! Please have your child bring in a box or bag for their Valentines (Whether you make a new one with your child or you reuse one from --go for it!).

Listed below is a list of our class names for addressing Valentines to:

  • Girls: Sophie, Lola, Hali, Maddie, Heaven, Peyton, Isabella, Tatiana, Ella, Kiley, Ahzhai, Arianna, Jade
  • Boys: Logan, McKinly, Davin, Alex, Cody, Caden, Daylin, Justin, Carlos, Adi

A note on toys...

In class we have discussed how toys are not to be brought into school anymore (this includes stuffed animals, Pokemon cards, Shopkinz, etc.) as they have become a distraction and cause of problems even during down time. If your child has an after school program that allows them to bring toys or if they play with them on the bus, that is fine, but students know they are to be kept in backpacks from the minute they walk in the classroom until they leave at the end of the day. Everyone is also aware that there will be negative dojo points given out if toys are seen. Thanks!

Upcoming Odell Events

All these events can be found in your copy of Draco's Digest which was passed out earlier this week--these are the ones specific to this month if you are interested:

  • Cabarrus County Gymnastics Parents Night Out-February 19th 6:30-10 PM
  • Chick-Fil-A February 23rd 3-8PM
  • Staff Hospitality February 26

**Class Pictures moved to the 16th**

Book Fair at the end of the month