Projects of the year

Earthquake pbl

Our earthquake pbl project went pretty well we had a good house and during the shake table test our house did not fall. We took time in building our house and we tried different types of designs for our house to try too make our house stable. We took several videos and we also used string to tie our house together which is what helped us the most.

30 hands project

My 30 hands project went pretty well. I think that I did good on it. The 30 hands project was time consuming because you had to upload all the videos. The 30 hands project was pretty fun because you get to make slides and then yo get to record your voice talking about the slides and make a big slideshow

Invention convention

Me and ethan were partners on the invention convention. We built a solar powered car that carries trash into the trash can with a hook. You control it with a remote control and you connect the hook to the trash and it comes with a ramp and you drive the car up the ramp and dump the tras into the trash can
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