Terry Fox

With Empathy





Empathy is a word to describe a wide range of experiences. It is an action of understanding, being aware of, being sensitive to, and vicariously experiencing the feelings, thoughts of others. It is the feeling that you understand and share with another person's experiences and emotions.

Terry Fox And Empathy

I could see the empathy from Terry Fox's personality. Terry Fox is empathetic because he not only cared about his own healthy, but also tried to save others people, who had the same conditions as him. During his treatment, he witnessed lots of people were suffering of the cancer, he determined to help more people like him. Then he started the training for Marathon day by day. He used himself to appeal more people to pay attention to the people with cancer. Since he made this decision, he never stop this goal. He felt empathetic for the people who are afflicted by cancer because he had experienced the feeling of painful and desperate. He also knew that there were some people who lacked of money to cure, so he started to the Marathon Of Hope for raising more money to help the people who has the cancer. Because the empathy he had for the cancer-ed people , Terry Fox was inspired.


Empathy is an emotion that everyone should have. It is not only relates to one person's morality, but also could improve the value of our livings. When people have the same feelings, experiences, and they could completely understand each other, it means the empathy is affected. We could improve our feeling of empathy by many ways, and this article introduces six main traits that empathetic people usually have. An empathetic

person are always being curious to the strangers, because while you are talking to the strangers, you are also sharing your own experiences and stories with others to find resonance. Secondly, when others are facing the troubles or unfair treatment, people who are empathetic to this situation would usually stand out. Thirdly, the empathetic people are always trying to get know more about others' lives. This would lead people feeling more empathetic for others because after trying others' lives, they have the ability to communicate more about their experiences. Also, being a listener and open yourselves up. Being a good listener is important because only when you know about how their experiences are, you could tell them about your similar story. Lastly, if you have a ambitious imagination, then the empathetic is really inside of you because you are not only empathize the poor people, you also consider about your opposite side, even though it might be your enemy because you could also find the common between you and your against side. If a person has all these traits, the he/she must be a empathetic person.

Brené Brown on Empathy

This is a video that shows the differences between sympathy and empathy. Empathy is you connect yourself to the person who are facing a trouble. Sympathy is staying out of the trouble and criticize about it. Empathy is you also dragging yourself into this person's mood, and you relate your own experiences to this person's and trying to make them feel better. You share your relative stories to them because you want them to know that they are not the only one, they are not alone.
Brené Brown on Empathy