Mckenna's Study Guide

To help with finals!!

What Poetic Terms do you understand? Give a definition or example of each term.

  • Personification-Giving something human qualities
  • Similie-Using like or as in a sentence to compare something
  • Metaphor-A comparison between two things
  • Hyperbole-An exaggeration
  • Theme-The author's message and the main idea.

What do you know about literary non-fiction? How is literary non-fiction different from regular non-fiction?What are the differences in the types of literary non-fiction

Literary nonfiction-To tell a story:Types:memoir,diary,biography

Literary non-fiction is different from regular non-fiction because literary non-fiction tells a story and regular non-fiction gives information.

Biography-A story about someone's life written by another person

Autobiography-A story about someone's whole life written by that person

Memoir-A small part of their lives

Personal Narrative-A small memory

Diary-A log of someone's life

What are plot elements in fiction?Why are they important?

Plot elements in fiction are things in the story that drive the story to make it better.

They're important because without the good parts the story like stinks!

What is point of view in fiction? How does point of view affect the story?

Point of view in fiction is the way the writer writes in.Like i could write in first person using I,me,myself.

The different types are.....

-First person

-Third person omniscient

-Third person limited

Point of view affects the story by like if the narrator knows everything the character thinks and knows or if the narrator know nothing

What do you know about the tools of reading?

-What is inference?How do you infer things? Why is it important?

-What are the three types of connections you can make with text?Why is it important to think about making connections?

-How is a main idea different from a summary ?

-What is theme in fiction?How is it different than than the main idea?

Inference is the act or process of inferring, like if kayla said oh it's pretty outside and i said i infer that it's sunny.

It's kinda to make something even more true.

The 3 types are text to self, text to text, and text to world. It's important because you need to connect with the story.

Main idea is the idea of the whole story and summary just is a short paragraph about the whole story.

Theme in fiction-view about life and how people behave. It's different because the main idea is the idea of the story and theme of fiction just views it.

What have you learned about grammar so far this year?Describe how each piece is used and give me an example using your own complete sentence.

I have learned a lot this year, i feel like everything we've learned/done is somewhere in my brain.

  • Comparative and superlative adjectives-using er like " It's better than that." and using est like best or greatest "This is the greatest day ever!"
  • Irregular verbs-any verb forms in past tense and past participle are not formed by adding ed,d or t to the present tense, adverb that does not follow the general rules of inflection:I awoke to the neighing of my horse.
  • Prepositional phrase-using words in time,doing something:It's midnight; or ;Around the tree
  • Simple and compound sentences-uses subject and a verb while expressing a complete though:Some horses like to eat in the evenings. Contains two independent clauses joined by a fanboy:I tried to speak horse and my horse tried to speak english
  • Subject verb agreement-Verbs must agree with their subjects in person and number:I went to the swing and started to swing on the swing.

How is a story told in drama [or film/play] form different from other fiction?How do the characters, setting and plot differ between genres?

It's more dramatic. They can exagerate the lines or words they say. Drama is more dramatic so it's sorta true. They could be in the rain going to prom and her make up is running everywhere. But fiction it's like oh i'm in cotton candy land!