Nov./Dec. 2012 Newsletter

Stellar Chicks!!!

Rockin' it out in the fall!!!

November and December were AMAZING months for this team! I am SO proud of all of you for working your businesses through the holiday season. I know that sometimes they can be hard months, but my girls ROCKED it out! Congratulations to all of you on a successful Fall Catalog Season! Let's keep the momentum up for Spring and Summer!

Stellar Chicks Stats: November 2013

Sales: $13,014.50

Parties: 28

Recruits: 1

Top Sales:

Debie Hoenshell: $1,994.00

Kayelyn Lupoli: $1,396.00

Julie Blaha: $1,282.00

Michelle Mueller: $693.00

Samantha Raeume: $689.00

*My sales: $3,887.50

Congratulations to Cynthia Aslanian on her first recruit! Also, to Autumn Britten for becoming a qualified consultant!

Stellar Chicks Stats: December 2013

Sales: $8004.87

Parties: 15

Recruits: 3

Top Sales:

Veronica Smith: $1,178.28

Debie Hoenshell: $1,113.91

Kayelyn Lupoli: $1,011.00

Samantha Reaume: $932.96

Katie Gross: $776.95

My sales: $1,741.27

Congratulations to Samantha Reaume on becoming a qualified consultant! Also to Veronica Smith and Katie Gross on their recruits!

I'd like to welcome Jessie Anderson, Kaitlin Arnold, Crystal Oaks, and Nicole Kwolek to our team! I'm SO excited to have you ladies as part of our Stellar Chicks family!


News from H.O.!

*The countdown to National Conference has begun!! WOOT! I encourage ALL of you to plan on attending the conference this year! (Dates and other info can be found on TOT and on our closed FB group). It is a life changing experience! I can not tell you the bonds I formed, the fun I had and the things I learned about myself and my business. Print the STARS tracker and aim high for them as you earn your way to celebrate with us in Columbus!

*Spring is in FULL swing! Please take some time to watch a few webinars, listen to a few calls on TOT. This training is there to help you book and sell and sell and book! EEK! A company that offers FREE tools to help your business grow? SO glad I'm a part of that! Having a strong spring is SO important for a strong summer! We have awesome new products and PRINTS that your customers will LOVE! Also, take some time to make some conncections with people you don't know this season. You NEVER know who your next best customer or team member will be! STEP OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE MY LADIES!!! It will change your business, I promise you!

*Please remember to check TOT daily! There are constant reminders, tools, videos to share and BIG announcements all the time!

*Spring is the time to PROMOTE! Who wants to walk the stage with me at conference this year? Remember, I am offering $100 bonus to the first two woman who promote to Director BEFORE June 1st! You can totally do this ladies! I have a billion tons of faith in you!