Weekly Reminder

October 14, 2016

A Note From Mrs. Krempasky

Everyone worked hard this week! Chapter 1 Math Assessments are coming home today. Please look them over and sign and return for Monday. Just a reminder that this Friday is CRAZY HAIR DAY! Enjoy the beautiful fall weather!

Mark your Calendar

Friday, October 21st - CRAZY HAIR DAY

Friday, October 28th - Glow Party

Monday, October 31st - Halloween Parade and Party

Specials Schedule

Day 1 - Music

Day 2 - Gym

Day 3 - Library

Day 4 - World Language

Day 5 - Gym

Day 6 - Art

Happy Birthday!

Cole - October 7th

Merrick - October 11th

Charlee - 27th

***Please be aware we have students with allergies in our class. In lieu of food treats, the children may bring in a special item to give to the class or they may choose extra free time. Thank you in advance for understanding.

Here's what we have been learning in class....

Math - Chapter 1 Assessment and Open Response

Writing - Drafting our personal narratives, strong leads, beginning, middle and end, revising & editing, typing final copies

Reading - One-on-One teacher/student conferences, guided reading groups to focus on skill work (expanding vocabulary & theme) and independent reading

Social Studies: Mayflower Compact

Upcoming Assessments


Weekly Weather Forecasters

The students will be taking turns each day reading the weather forecast on the morning announcements. A form will come home for them to fill out and bring in the next day with the weather forecast. Please help you child complete the form. Thanks for your help!

Monday - Jess

Tuesday - Cole

Wednesday - Carter

Thursday - Tyler

Friday - Rushil