My Future

Alex Costley

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I'm left brained because I think logically, I'm organized and I like to be right. But I'm also right brained because I ignore rules sometimes, and I hate deadlines.


People who prefertend to focus on the outer world of people & things


People who focus on the future, with a view toward pattern & possibilities


People who base their decisions primarily on values & on subjective evaluation of person-centered concerns


People like a planned & organized approach to life & prefer to have things settled. "Destination" over "The Journey"


Organized, structured & disciplined. Loves to be right, won't do things you might fail at. Doesn't like people who are irresponsible. Is bossy and a control freak, obsessive & judgmental. You work before you play.
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Ole Miss

*Oxford, Mississippi

*Public University

*23,838 total of students enrolled

*$36,602 to attend ole miss

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"Work until you no longer have to introduce yourself" -unknown