Hattie, Juan, Jose, and Sebastian

Soil Conservation

Saving soil from banishing.

Soil is an important resource, because it is one of earth's most valuable resources. Plants depend on soil to live and grow, and humans depend on plants for food. Soil is also valuable, because there is limited supplies and it takes a long time to form. The drought of Nebraska, Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Texas is another reason why the soil is losing it's fertility.
Soil Conservation Song - A Science Music Video by Untamed Science K-5

Save soil, here is how.

Soil is in need of conservation, because farmers want to mange soil and prevent it's destruction. One way to conserve soil is, contour plowing. Contour plowing is when farmers plow their crops along the curve of a slopes. Conservation plowing is when farmers disturb soil as little as possible. This means that farmers leave all the dead weeds and stalks of the previous year's crop on the ground to help return soil. Crop rotation is when farmers plant different type of crops a year. This mean that farmers will crop, crop's that use a lot of nutrients, then a little nutrients, and then crops that make nutrients.

Juan, Sebastian, Jose, and Hattie