Armenian Genocide

Melanie Nalbandian


The Armenian's living in Ottoman Empire
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1.5 million Armenian's were killed by the Turks during the Armenian Genocide
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April 24, 1915

In 1915, leaders of the Turkish government set in motion a plan to expel and massacre Armenians living in the Ottoman Empire.

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The Ottoman Empire
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New York Times

In the New York Times article October 7,1915, Viscount Bryce, former British ambassador to the United States, stated that the whole nation had been wiped out, did not suppose there was any case in history of a crime. Viscount said "this crime is so hideous and on such a large scale."

Bias by placement - the crime is so hideous and on such a large scale. Viscount mentions

Bias by omission - its just talking about what happened to the Armenians & it keeps referring one sided

Marxist Criticism- the title and the statement about "the whole nation had been wiped out" It talks about how what the Turks did were wrong and they are wrong to keep denying.

John Oliver - Armenian Genocide

John Oliver - Armenian Genocide

John Oliver talks about the Armenian genocide. It's still a controversial topic. The pope and George Clooney consider it a genocide. Kim Kardashian visiting Armenia to recognize the genocide has made more people aware of what happened in 1915. President Obama called it a genocide in 2007 but every year after that just writes a statement saying he recognizes the incident of April 24,1915 and his thoughts haven't changed. Obama won't call it a genocide because the Turkish government and Obama are on good terms and he doesn't want to mess anything up.

Bias by placement- The title and the pictures it has presented during his little speech talking about the genocide. The pictures placing the video of the memorial for the Armenian genocide.

Marxist Criticism- John talks about the Armenian Genocide and refers to how it gets recognized by the Kardashian's and how Obama is a hypocrite to himself. John goes in depth of how if celebrities think of something, other people back them up and believe the same thing.

Remembering The Armenian Genocide

Its an article about the Armenian genocide about the descendants of survivors the Turks and the families share their stories. It talks about how someones grand mother and how she wishes she could speak for her. On another article about the Armenians that buried themselves under the corpses of dead. At the age of 13, Avedis witnessed the brutal killings of the family. On another article, it was how the grandmother of Ara requested to not be buried with a Turkish bullet. Anahita wrote about how her grandparents wished for better days and the tragedy of killing

Bias by story selection - it has different short stories. The short stories range from how they hoped for better days and about the Armenians that actually survived.

Bias by placement - the headlines all have titles that draw out the story. The headlines go from most important which in this case was "I wish I could speak for her" which sounds very sad.

Marxist Criticism - It talks about the sadness that came from the genocide and it also talks about the different relatives of the writers and the different thoughts they had.

Historical Criticism - The tragic event that turned heads and how some people thought thought for better days. The different perspectives of the different individuals and what they thought about the incident.

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Armenian Genocide Today

The Ottomans surrendered in 1918, the leaders of the Young Turks fled to Germany, which promised not to prosecute them for the genocide. (However, a group of Armenian nationalists devised a plan, known as Operation Nemesis, to track down and assassinate the leaders of the genocide.) Ever since then, the Turkish government has denied that a genocide took place. The Armenians were an enemy force, they argue, and their slaughter was a necessary war measure. Today, Turkey is an important ally of the U.S. and other Western nations, and so their governments have likewise been unwilling to blame the long-ago killings. In March 2010, a U.S. Congressional panel at last voted to recognize the genocide
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