4th Grade Curriculum Gallery

Mythology and Roller Coaster

Wednesday, March 13th:

Wednesday evening, the fourth grade team hosted a roller coaster & Greek mythology gala event for students and their families to share and experience their learning. Students investigated, tested and created their own themed roller coaster using basic engineering concepts. Video diaries, stop animations, and short clips were  captured using I Pads that were purchased via a PTO grant. In addition, students showcased their own myths that were crafted after researching and analyzing Greek mythology."It was really cool to go around and see other people's work."- current 4th grade student"It's  one thing to hear about what you guys are up to each day, but it was pretty special to get a chance to SEE it in person.  Amazing!  I could really tell it made the kiddos feel so proud to show of their hard work and creations... lots to be proud of, for sue!" - BSE parent

Coasters and Kids in Action!

Thank you so much for coming!

Huge thank you to our wonderful 4th grade teachers, parents and students for putting together a tremendous currciulum celebration!  It was a wonderful evening.