Harriet Ann Jacobs

Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl

Slavery Definition: The practice of one person owning another as property and is forced to obey.

Who is Harriet Jacobs and where is she from?

Harriet was a young slave girl who was born and raised in Edenton, North Carolina in 1813. When she was only six, her mother died and Harriet was sent to live with her mothers owner and mistress. She was treated fairly, and was even taught how to read and write. Later, the owner and mistress passed away; therefore, Harriet and her brother, William Jacobs, were auctioned off to another owner, who were cold hearted and viscous.
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How Did She Become A Slave?

Harriet was born into slavery. Until she was six years old, she didn't even know she was considered "property" to her owner, Margret Horniblow. Later, Margret gave her Harriet to her niece; however, she was only three years old. Because of this, the niece's father was now her master. She then discovered the real horrors of slavery. She concluded that her new master, Dr. James Norcom, was now a sexual threat.

When Did She Escape Slavery and why?

From 1825 to 1842, Harriet was property to James Norcom. She finally escaped in 1842. She escaped by boat to go to the North and worked as a house servant. For ten years after her escape, she was known and lived as a fugitive slave. She found her daughter, Louisa, and secured a place for the two of them in Boston. #Brave
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What Did she accomplish?

  • Became a writer and wrote her first book, a biography, Incidents In The Life of a Slave Girl
  • Promoted welfare for African Americans in the Boston area.
  • Became the earliest African American woman community organizer.
  • Participated in building churches, hospitals, schools, and homes for newly freed slaves with little money


Harriet Jacobs is very important because she inspired slaves and the freed slaves with little to no money, with her example and motivated supporters. She helped whoever she could possible with education, health improvements, along with even reaching the underground railroad. #Leader
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