Super-Symbols PowerWorkshop

How to Use Your Power & Fung Shui Super-Symbols for Success


For the first time in Malaysia, ChangeU Group brings you the most comprehensive course on cross-cultural symbolism. "Super-Symbols" Creator Robert Chaen will take you on an insightful journey – across all cultures.

NOTE: This is a proper scientific study of symbols, not a talk by a snake-oil street fortune teller. This is a NON-RELIGIOUS workshop as symbols are obviously universally covered in all religions. Symbols have been used successfully to enhance one’s life, career, and business.

Course Objective and Outline:

  • Learn about using symbols in branding, PR, logos, icons, etc.
  • Have an overview of symbols in business, religion, and medicine.
  • Understand the meaning of symbols in the 5 Elements, 12 Planets, animals; dreams, Chinese symbols, Indian symbols, scientific symbols.
  • Identify and learn how to use your personal symbols, Fung Shui symbols, power symbols, and lucky symbols.

Super-Symbols PowerWorkshop

Saturday, Aug. 9th, 9am-5:30pm

Persiaran Surian

Petaling Jaya, Selangor


Introductory Fee: Buy 1 get 1 FREE for the first 20 enrollments - RM998 for 2

Individual: RM998 each (16% off from the standard rate of RM1,188 each)

Group book of 3 or more: RM438 each

Students or undergrads: RM438 each

100% Money Back Guarantee:

If you are in any way unsatisfied with the results, you can have a full refund of the workshop fee. The only criteria is you need to attend 100% of the workshop duration.
So far no one has ever asked for their money back i.e. it's a 100% success rate.

Please do NOT join this program if you are not committed to applying Super-Symbols in your life.

Seats are going fast. Register today.
Don't miss out on how to change your life through using power symbols and compatible symbols.


“Incorporating my personal symbol into my brand logo was the best business decision. What is the most valuable to me is the understanding that symbols can have a big impact on product perception.” ~ CEO

“Super-Symbols has helped me in my university studies in regards to branding symbolism which was not taught in Harvard” ~ Harvard Business School MBA graduate

“Didn’t realize symbols are created everywhere as long there are human beings! Now I know why Freud was so obsessed with dreams and sexual symbolism as the source of his thesis.” ~ Professor of Psychology


ChangeU Group: Asia’s #1 change experts of Fortune 500 corporations.

ChangeU are Asia's #1 change experts. They provide 5th generation leadership tools to top brands and Fortune 500 leaders such as Coca-Cola China, HSBC, Cathay Pacific, Hong Kong Airport Services, Nestle, Public Bank, Gap, Naza, Berjaya, Resorts World, etc.

Coached by: ROBERT CHAEN, Creator of Super-Symbols, and CEO of ChangeU.

Wizard Chaen as he is affectionately known is "The Coach to CEOs & Celebrities". Chaen is based in Hong Kong/China/USA for 20+ years, he had worked with top ad agencies at JWT and Leo Burnett HK, and is a certified Franklincovey (7 Habits) and NLP MasterCoach. He has been widely featured in TVB, AWSJ, CNBC, and SCMP.

Touched by a personal tragedy through the loss of his wife and coaching partner Brenda José, Robert Chaen explores the many ways in which symbolism has a huge impact on one’s life. Chaen has teamed up with the American TV producer Craig Santy to establish Chaen-Santy Media (USA).

Chaen will be the host of three upcoming Reality TV-DVD franchise series. It will feature top global executives and celebrities exploring ground-breaking techniques. Chaen and his ChangeU Strategic Team will bring success in personal, business and spiritual growth, PR branding, product placements, social media jet streaming, PR events, marketing communications, IT, and strategic management consulting work to turnaround The Greatest 100 Brands.

Santy and Chaen are the “PR & Social Media Mastermind Duo” who are revolutionizing social media publicity and branding through their unusual PR ways and its network of influencers-bloggers.


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