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Reading for kids


Have you ever wanted to get your kids off of their phones or tablets and just read a book? Well here is way! Reading for kids is a website designed for children ages 4-11. After you or your child register for free to the website you will receive weekly assignments that will help to improve your child's reading skills.


These days technology has become such an important part of everyone's daily life that if a child had the option to play games on their iPad or read a book, most likely they are going to play games. The whole point isn't to try to make kids stop using technology completely, but start using it in a good way.


You might be asking yourself How do I get my child to do this? Most kids aren't just going to willingly start reading instead of playing angry birds. They need motivation. At the end of the week after your child finishes their reading assignment they can get an award. The award will be chosen by you, the parents. You get to decide what your child gets it can be anything from, money, food, play dates with friends, etc. This way your child will be more motivated to finish the assignment because they know that at the end of the week they will get something in return.
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