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How was coal formed ?

  • Coal was formed from, dead plants in swamps that aged over time.
  • Coal is the non renewable energy source.
  • Coal can be used electric power and also industry.

Types of coal

  • Anthracite
  • Bituminous
  • Sub-bituminous
  • Lignite

Frequently asked questions

  • What is the strongest type of coal out of all four? The strongest type of coal is bituminous.
  • What is the price of coal? The price of coal is 52.88 dollars per short ton.
  • How many coal mines are world wide? The estimate of coal mines world wide , is 24,00
  • Who are the world's top producing coal companies? coal India.

History about Coal

  • The industrial revolution in the 18th century, and later spread Europe, North America, and Japan, was based on the availability of coal to power steam engines.
  • In Germany the first important mines appeared in the 1750's where coal seams out cropped and horizontal adit mining was possible.
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The Environmental Impacts of Coal

  • Air pollution from coal fire power plants. Leading to smog acid rain and toxins in the environment .
  • coal sludge also known as "slurry", is the liquid coal waste generated by washing coal.